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Doors open at 6:30; show starts at 7:00. Price includes dinner, show, tax and gratuity. A cash bar is available.

WhoDunnit shows are original, lively and thoroughly entertaining, as well as a mystery lover's dream! Clues are cleverly included in the scripted action, and in between scenes (as the audience enjoys a fine meal) the actors mingle with the audience in character, allowing guests to ask questions and get more clues. If you ask them if they are the killer, they will all say no, but that is the only time they are permitted to lie. To all other questions, they must either evade the question or tell you the truth. Audiences love interacting with the characters and trying to figure out who dunnit!


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Saturday Evenings,
Sept. 17 thru Nov. 5:

In Newport, Rhode Island, in 1910, haunted houses were a mainstay of the tourist trade. One particular headless ghost was the toast of the town ... until it suddenly disappeared, amongst baffling clues and signs of foul play! Can WhoDunnit's Dr. Angus MacCrimmon solve the murder of a ghost??? Ever the "man, of science, sir," our Dr. MacCrimmon doesn't believe in ghosts, but he will see one before the night is out ... and so will you!

Meet the new Dr. MacCrimmon!


Friday evenings, Dec. 9, 16 and 23, plus Saturday evenings, Nov. 19 through Dec. 17, plus Jan. 7: Murder on 34th Street ... with a special appearance by Dr. Angus MacCrimmon!

Santa's workshop is bustling on the day before the big parade. His staff needs to check some last-minute details with Mr. Macy, but when they open his office door, they find Mr. Macy dead! But how is that possible? Everyone knows that only fictional characters exist, and they can't die! In this delightful holiday mystery, the audience teams up with Santa and WhoDunnit's favorite detective to figure out who killed Mr. Macy and why ... and, in the process, prove the existence of "real" people. Great entertainment for individuals, groups or functions!


Saturday Evenings, Feb. 11 - Apr. 1:

WhoDunnit's most enigmatic crime solver returns: The Listener, who exists outside of time and space. In this fascinating case, a software developer claims he was murdered, and that the killer may be threatening someone he cares about ... but his memories are distorted and bizarre, like images in a dream. Meanwhile, he is being haunted by a nightmarish woman whose face he has never seen. Can The Listener and Misty separate truth from illusion to save someone who is still among the living? A world premiere.


Saturday Evenings, May 13 - June 24:

Journey back to Druid England in the year 1007, a time shrouded in mystery and legend! As the Welsh town of Gwynedd's Renn prepares for its joyous summer celebration, a beautiful young priestess is murdered. Who killed her, and why? What dark secrets are the townspeople hiding? And could their actions have changed the course of history? Ye Olde Murdyr Mysterie is unique, bold, compelling and magical ... and it contains a major clue to the Dr. MacCrimmon saga! 



Most public shows at the Bristol Bar & Grille Downtown,
614 West Main Street, Louisville, KY.

Seating at 6:30 / Show starts at 7:00


Tickets are $48 each, which includes meal, show, tax and gratuity.

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